Join us as we explore the deep depths of the Metaverse. The internet is changing and Web 3.0 is starting to make its way into our lives. Meta Money is a show that will open your mind and challenge you to expand your vision of the future. There will be several opportunities to profit along the way as we uncover things like Play to Earn Gaming, NFT's, and Metaverse Assets.

If you want to be on the cutting edge of tech while potentially making millions then this is the show for you. Let's get that Meta Money!


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Created in the Metaverse, ‘JChains’ is the rough and tough, no holds barred IRL avatar of a former chef, turned crypto podcaster/YouTuber.

Justin is an expert in the blockchain world. He got his start several years ago working for a crypto exchange, and quickly found passion bringing education and entertainment to the crypto community. He is an OG to the metaverse space, and a full time content creator that focuses on bringing mainstream awareness to the Metaverse and the many opportunities within that create life changing, financial freedom. His expertise starts with marketing and communications, but doesn’t end there.

His love for riding motorcycles and spending time with his wife and daughter are top priorities, when he’s not filming or doing voiceover work.



Bryan is an expert in Web3 and blockchain gaming. In 2017, he became a crypto investor after cashing out as runner up for a World Series Poker event. It wasn’t long before he realized that blockchain tech will change the world. He did his part to serve the crypto community by starting a YouTube channel the following year.

Bryan is a serial entrepreneur and believes that life is better when people earn money by doing what they love. His high EQ and marketing expertise help him identify with all walks of life and bring value to the crypto community.

When he’s not hanging out in the metaverse or playing blockchain games, he’s an adrenaline junkie seeking out adventures around the world.